About MIB

MYANMAR INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS (MIB) is founded in 2015 with the vision to be one of the leading business & finance school in Myanmar.  It is founded with 2,000,000 USD paid up capital and it is also a member of SENSE CAPITAL GROUP. “MIB” is privately school licensed to teach business in Myanmar and it opened its first campus in 2016. “MIB” will continue to grant post-graduate business degrees , single subject diplomas and certificates.



“MIB” Vision

We vision ourselves to be the leading & differentiate business and finance institute in Myanmar, providing globally recognized certificates, degree and continuing education for the professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders, ultimately improving social-economic status of Myanmar people.

“MIB” Mission 2016

MIB strive to provide the best and internationally recognized financial and business related education, work training, workshops, and continuing education classes to the professionals, students, and anyone who is eager to learn and anyone who wants to improve oneself with critical skills needed in the business world.

It is also our belief that our educational services will not only be useful for the practical business application, but will also be affordable and accessible for all types of learners in Myanmar.

MIB privately raised 100,000$ to grant scholarship individually or in group, fully or partially to those who really needed.

MIB will try to provide best learning experience and highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry by understanding more about our customer expectation and delivering the value.